SAP NetWeaver Application Server – Fundamentals – 3 days

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About this Course

This on site company private course is adapted at the level of the participants

Participants: From 2 to 6 people

Instructor: SAP Certified trainer

Date: According to your availability


Audience profile

  • System Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant
  • Program/Project Manager
  • Developer
  • Development Consultant



  • Presentation in detail of the architecture of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS).
  • Learn effective techniques for navigating.
  • Receive an overview of the development process in an SAP system landscape.


Teaching Methodology

Mixed sessions of theory and practice, with description of the subjects by the trainer and experimentation in the personal computer. Exercises and role plays to practice individualized resolution.


Summary and commercial proposal

  • Software in English Version: SAP NetWeaver 7.30 EHP 1
  • Time : 9:00 to 12:00 & 13: 30 to 17:00
  • Certificates: Each participant receive a BesTeam Certificate of Achievement
  • Material : SAP NetWeaver User Guide – Softcopy

Course Outline:

The concept of SOA and the SAP NetWeaver platform

The Big Picture

  • Outlining the SAP portfolio
  • Explaining the key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver
  • Describing SAP’s Release Strategy



  • Navigating in SAP Systems
  • Performing Advanced Navigation in the SAP GUI
  • Applying help options and personalize user interface


The System Core

  • Analyzing SAP NetWeaver AS system architecture
  • Explaining AS ABAP Request Processing
  • Explaining AS ABAP Transactional Processing
  • Explaining AS Java Processes for SAP NetWeaver 7.0x and lower
  • Explaining AS Java Processes for 7.3 EHP1


Software Development in SAP Systems

  • Outlining the Data Structure of an SAP ABAP System
  • Outlining Software Logistics in ABAP environment
  • Describing the most important ABAP Workbench tools
  • Implementing an ABAP program
  • Outlining SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure


Software Lifecycle Management

  • Outlining Application Lifecycle Management
  • Implementing and Installing SAP Systems
  • Maintaining SAP Systems


Communication and Integration Technologies

  • Remote Function Calls and BAPIs
  • Linking Cross-System Business Processes
  • Describing the Basics of Web Services
  • Outlining the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)


SAP System Administration

  • Outlining daily Tasks in System Management
  • Consulting SAP Service Marketplace
  • Consulting SAP Community Network



  • For a general overview of SAP NetWeaver, please attend the course SAPNW or NW001.
  • SAPTEC examines SAP NetWeaver Application Server and imparts the fundamentals that are required for subsequent courses related to the
    technology of SAP NetWeaver.
  • SAPTEC is the entry point for many SAP NetWeaver curricula like System Administration, ABAP Development, Portal & Process Integration
  • In the context of updated courses, SAP reserves the right to use newer software than specified in this course description

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ruiSAP NetWeaver Application Server – Fundamentals – 3 days

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