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Safemed Solutions

Environment, Health & Safety Solution

In the year of 2019 alone, almost 4 million work accidents occurred, just in the European Union. Of these, 3000 resulted in deaths. Apart from these frightening statistics, a simple injurie at work costs companies an average of 37 thousand dollars. If we check the fatalities, the costs per death may go up to 1 million dollars.

Safemed’s objetive is to support companies in the process of managing risks and improving their worker’s safety, while assuring compliance with all regulations regarding the Health and Safety of their workers.

The Solution

Occupational Health
Medical exams and appointments; Clinical File and history; Casualties and Accidents at Work;

Work Safety
Risk detection system; Biometrical sensors integration; Dynamic Scheduling; intelligent risk reporting system;

Accident prevention through an innovative IoT Platform 
Integration with biometrical and environmental sensors to avoid work accidents;

Intelligent Appointment management
E-mail notification; Proactive confirmation of events; Customer interaction;

Course Management, trainers and trainees; annual training plan management.

Customer Portal
Schedule appointments; Safety and Security reports extraction; Worker management.

Safemed Addons


Canary is a Safety Monitoring and Control system for hazardous conditioned environments.


KUBE its a cloud tool for collecting and processing worker data.

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