SAP Solution Release: EHP6 for ERP 6.0 – 2 days

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About this Course

This on site company private course is adapted at the level of the participants

Participants: From 2 to 6 people

Instructor: SAP Certified trainer

Date: According to your availability


Audience profile

  • Project Team Members interested in organizing and planning an SAP
  • Any SAP beginner interested in acquiring a basic overview of SAP solutions



  • Identify SAP Applications and Components
  • Explain basic functionality of SAP Solutions
  • Attend more detailed SAP courses and have the required baseline knowledge

Teaching Methodology

Mixed sessions of theory and practice, with description of the subjects by the trainer and experimentation in the personal computer. Exercises and role plays to practice individualized resolution.


Summary and commercial proposal

  • Software in English Version SAP EHP6 for ERP 6.0
  • Time : 9:00 to 12:00 & 13: 30 to 17:00
  • Certificates: Each participant receive a BesTeam Certificate of Achievement
  • Material : SAP EHP6 for ERP 6.0 User Guide – Softcopy

Course Outline:

  • Identifying SAP Applications and Components
  • Learn how to navigate within the SAP system
  • Personalizing your screens
  • Exploring SAP’s system-wide concepts
  • Intro. to basic processes in SAP HCM & Payroll
  • Processing procure-to-pay transactions and understanding terminology
  • Streamlining the procurement process with SAP SRM
  • Using PLM to react quickly to customer demands
  • Processing plan-to-produce transactions and understanding terminology
  • Using SAP SCM to manage supply and demand
  • Processing order-to-cash transactions and understanding terminology
  • Using SAP CRM to enhance relationships with customers
  • Recording of business transactions on financial statements
  • Monitoring internal costs using management accounting
  • Using analytics and strategic planning reports
  • Utilizing SAP services to support your implementations

Some of our Clients

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ruiSAP Solution Release: EHP6 for ERP 6.0 – 2 days

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